Follow Up #1 – Pattern Making

This is the first in a series of entries that follow up on a previous blog post. This post is a follow up to the post titled Pattern Making.

IMG_1340Many thanks goes to the parents of the nephews the sleepers IMG_1341were made for because they let me know that they got the sleepers and how they fit. In fact, they posted a video on their blog of the nephew in his sleeper, thanking me.


I have to tell you that the video of that precious little guy in his new sleeper just melted his aunt’s heart and she can’t wait to make more for him.  I have watched the video several times. He is just so cute.


And in following up, I have completed the third sleeper for these two nephew’s cousin. Sorry it took so long to finish them but the need for pants to wear to work had to come first. I made this little guy’s sleeper out of the larger size pattern with no alterations. Even though he is not even one year old yet, he is growing like a weed and I want the sleeper to fit him for a little while.


I had not made anything for this nephew with a Snoopy on it, so I decided now was the time. I hope he and his parents like the Snoopy and the sleeper as much as I do.

4 thoughts on “Follow Up #1 – Pattern Making

  1. So cute!! Every nephew needs a Snoopy sleeper. Ty has worn his for over a year now and it’s still one of my favorites.

  2. Hi,
    just saw this blog while I was searching reviews for innovis 4000d.
    This sleeper is really cute and specially the stripes. looks very professional. could you tell me which pattern you used?
    Also did it lost any shape because the stretch was lengthwise?


    • The sleeper pattern is very old. My mom gave it to me years ago. I don’t know the original brand or number. The sleeper did not seem to lose any shape with the stripes running lengthwise. All the parents of the kids with the sleepers say they fit great regardless of which way the stretch is. Thanks for your comment.

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