Follow Up #2 – Amigurumi Pattern Books

IMG_1260IMG_1264I have recently finished the seal from the Easy Crochet Critter book. It was a fun pattern to do, but took some counting and concentrating to complete. His body is all one piece with a bump for his head and the turn from neck to body. At least that meant less pieces to sew together in the end which was nice for a change.


I am also not sure I like how the bottom stitched together. You crocheted two stitches together at both the first and last of each row on the body which left a hole (Maybe my tensions are just too tight and that is why I got the holes.)





IMG_1014Regardless, I think the seal turned out adorable. I spent quite a bit of time on his nose. I wanted it to turn out just right, and I feel that I need to be paying more attention to the details of my amigurumi projects in the future.

The seal has a new home he will be going to soon, but in the meanwhile, he has been doing some “horsing” around with the alligator and  the tiny bear.



2 thoughts on “Follow Up #2 – Amigurumi Pattern Books

  1. When making this, did you sc through both loops or the front loop? I made the hippo through the front loop and the elephant through both. The elephant looks weird 😦

    • I sc through both loops. Previously when I sc through just the front loop their heads came out pointy instead of round. Especially on the bear. What I learned from the elephant I made was that I needed to go through both loops and so ever since then I have always went through both loops. I hope that helps you out.

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