Follow Up #3 – Cursed Pants

Well, I finally got brave enough to wear the pants to work and I am pleased by the end results.

The new pocket style I created work great.


It was a little weird at first to stick my hand into the pocket and run into the divider, but after a few times it did not bother me anymore. Once I figured out which side I had put things, the pockets did a great job of holding everything and not getting it all mixed up. The elastic in the waist could have been a little tighter, but nothing I can’t live with, and no one has noticed the seam at the bottom of the legs, or at least no one has said anything to me about it.


So perhaps the pants were not cursed after all or maybe the fabric in the stash just forgave the pants fabric for escaping.



As for the blanket I mentioned, I unraveled all of the second row that I had been working on, and after some trial and error and a search on the internet, I found the perfect pattern.


I skipped two stitches, in the third doubled crocheted 3, then chained 3, then double crocheted 3, then skipped two then single crocheted in the next, then repeated.


I love the peaks this pattern makes.


I think it looks more boyish than the scallops that other patterns make. I ran the skip-stitch blade round this at 3/4 inch and then folded the fabric over as I did the first chain row. I like the length of the drop that this gave me, so I think this will be the standard I will use for the skip-stitch blade unless I am trying to do something different.


Since I have given a blanket out of this fabric to one of the nephews already, I think I will donate this one to charity.


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