I Could See It

IMG_1352As I dug through  the $1 per yard sale fabric at M & L Fabric, I came across this green stripped piece, and immediately my mind’s eye pictured me with a shirt out of the fabric with Linus embroidered on the front. So, I bought enough for 2 shirts. My mind’s eye doesn’t alway see things that quickly, but when it does, I jump on it.

IMG_1354Upon getting the fabric home, I was so excited about the shirt that the fabric went right into the washer and dryer and hit the cutting table. As I cut into the fabric, my sewing patience started to be tested. This fabric is very stretchy and was difficult to keep from stretch while cutting and difficult to keep the strips straight. The darkest row of green has a “wave’ to it like a seersucker fabric. The other two rows do not have this “wave”. When I started to sew, I learned very quickly that this fabric also required a very sharp needle and lots of pins to keep it from stretching. Serging was another trial as even the differential feed would not keep the fabric from stretching. Using the double needle was almost impossible with the stretch and upon completion, I am not 100% happy with the results, but I seldom am. I always see things I could do better the next time around. I thought about trying the walking foot to help with the stretch, but I did not use it. Why I only think about using tools that might help instead of actually trying them out to see if they will help is beyond me. Maybe I was just getting discouraged by the whole project by that time.

IMG_1355I was half afraid to embroider on the shirt, not knowing what kind of mess I would have if the embroidery stretched the fabric. I originally choose a design of Linus that had fewer stitches than some, but I went ahead and picked the design with Snoopy even though it was about 5000 more stitches than Linus alone. To my surprise the  embroidering went really smoothly. This encouraged me to finish the shirt. Now that the shirt is complete, I love it. My mind’s eye was absolutely correct. The stripes and colors were meant for a Linus design. The fabric is very comfortable to wear and the design makes me smile when I look at it. In the cutting and sewing process, I thought I would never use the remainder of the fabric I had purchased, but now I wish I had bought 5 yards more for shirts for the niece and nephews. Everyone needs a shirt with Linus on it I think!


3 thoughts on “I Could See It

    • Thanks for the comment! I really liked it too. The design I used is from the Brother PE-200 Snoopy machine. I also have a similar design on my Peanuts Summertime Fun Pack from Viking Husqvarna.

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