Archive | September 5, 2009

That Voodoo that You Do

My work is very stressful. So, we like to use humor at work to lessen the stress loads. One of my co-workers is particularly funny. She often says “Well, if you don’t help me with this, I’m going to go home tonight and stick pins in your doll.” At which we all respond with a chuckle and “I’m not afraid of you.” Although now, she is going to be afraid of me.

IMG_1713This is Lottie Lou. I made her to help me out at work with the ongoing voodoo doll joke theme. The next time I work with this co-worker, I will wait for the right comment from her, then take Lottie Lou out of the drawer and start sticking pins in her. I can’t  wait! This is going be hilarious!

IMG_1716I didn’t spend a lot of time in the construction of Lottie Lou since I had no pattern. I fashioned her after a “dammit doll” I had made previously for some family sports fans. I stuffed her from the top of her head, making it easy to just sew a seam to make her legs. Her hair was a little bit of a challenge.  I sewed the yarn to one side of the doll then folded the ends into the doll then stitched the other side of the doll to the yarn side. I had to sew the yarn a couple of times to catch it all and keep the look I wanted. The next time I make one I think a little bit of adhesive spray would help keep the yarn in place as I stitched. I was not particular about having perfect seams because I wanted Lottie Lou to be a little rough around the edges. I spent very little time on her shirt. I finished no edges. I wanted it to be in a rag-like style. Her face was fun to put together. Although the red lips and the glasses and the wiggle eyes make her look less like a voodoo doll, they do make her look more like my co-worker.

IMG_1709With Lottie Lou completed, I needed pins. I wanted big hat pins, but could not find any at Joann’s. (For that matter of fact, Joann’s does not carry doll making products at all, so my husband had to make Lottie Lou’s glasses for me.) I finally bought these heart topped pins. Fortunately, they are much longer than a regular pins and I can tell my co-worker that the hearts are because I loved her. Yeah, she will buy that story!