One Fat Walrus

“Do Not Overstuff!” I have read this a million times in patterns, both sewing and crocheting but never really understood what they were talking about until I overstuffed this little walrus. In an attempt to make sewing of the pieces of an amigurumi together easier for me, I tried assembling this walrus before I stuffed him. The pattern says to stuff the body, then stuff the other parts and sew them to the body. I did the opposite. I stuffed the tusks and sewed them to the unstuffed muzzle. I then stuffed the muzzle and sewed it to the unstuffed body. It did not make the sewing any easier and when I was done I could see that I have overstuffed the tusks and the muzzle. Especially the muzzle. It did not make placement of the pieces any easier and I missed not having the stuffing help secure my stitches. Lesson learned. I will from now on follow the patterns for stuffing amigurumi. Even with the extra pudding, Wally, as he has quickly became named, is as cute as can be. And, I didn’t think anything could be cuter than the seal, but I think Wally is. He makes me smile.


2 thoughts on “One Fat Walrus

    • Thanks! I still like the Alligator the best but that is likely because it was my first Amigurumi from the Easy Critter book.

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