Skip Stitch Blade #1 Vs. Flannel: FIGHT!

IMG_1833According to the information on the skip stitch blade’s web site, blade #2 is designed for flannel. As you read in a previous post, that is what I used on the first flannel blanket I tried. This time, rather than matching the skip stitch blade to the fabric of the blanket, I matched it to the yarn and I am happier with the results. Before I skip stitched the blanket, I decided that I wanted to use regular weight orange yarn rather than a baby yarn or a crochet cotton. With that decision, I used the skip stitch blade #1 instead of #2 even though the blanket is flannel. The slits are farther apart with this blade and so it accommodated the heavier yarn better. It did not seem to make a difference on the flannel whether it was cut with blade #1 or #2.

IMG_1834I also trimmed my seam allowances so that I could make the skip stitch slits closer to the edge of the blanket. I cut them at 1/2 inch this time. Because I was closer to the edge, I did not have to fold over the edge and that made for less bulk. Although the 1/2 inch margin is far better than the 1 inch margin of the previous blanket, the next time I think I will try to cut even a little closer to the edge. The more blankets I crochet the more I like the drop into the slit to be smaller. I like the look of the smaller drop and there is less yarn to get caught in the use of the blanket.

The first row on this blanket is chain stitch in the slit then 1 chain stitch, then 1 chain in the next slit, and so on around the blanket. The second row is chain 2, skip 2 stitches, 5 double crochets in the next stitch, chain 2, skip 2 stitches, then chain in the next stitch, then repeat. This blanket could be for either a boy or a girl, although the second row makes it a little more feminine to me. I am pleased with the end results of this blanket, both with the use of skip stitch blade #1 and the pattern I used for the second row.


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2 thoughts on “Skip Stitch Blade #1 Vs. Flannel: FIGHT!

  1. I was wondering how the holes hold up with washing. Any fraying? Have you ever used the blade on fabric? I would like to do crochet trim on a fabric dress, and I wasn’t sure if I could use my Skip Stitch blade or not.

    • Regarding the holes they seem to be holding up just fine after being washed. And yes I have used it on several different types of fabric without problems.

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