No, I didn’t forget about you…

IMG_1828This sleeper was supposed to be finished and sent to the little brother of the two nephews receiving the Pokemon shirts. But because I wanted to get the shirts to the older boys for school, the sleeper did not make it into the package since it wasn’t done at the time, but it is done now and on its way.

IMG_1830I made the sleeper from the larger size pattern I have and left the elastic off the back, thereby not defining a waist line. I also ran the stretch up and down instead of around. Hopefully, these two modifications will give the sleeper more grow room. (Special note for the nephew’s parents: Please let me know if leaving out the
elastic gives more grow room or if you would rather have the elastic in the back next time.) I am fairly sure that the vertical stretch will increase the grow room. I used some fabric scraps from the stash to make this sleeper and I used every inch of the scraps. Hurray! another piece of fabric out of the stash and in use. The sleeper sewed up great.

I was suppose to put a Pokemon design on this sleeper to match the nephews shirts, but I just couldn’t do it with all the cute designs I have. The wearer of this sleeper is young enough that I don’t think he really cares what is on his clothes and I don’t think his brothers really do either. While sewing the sleeper, the stripes kept saying baseball to me and of course, my favorite baseball player is…Snoopy, so Snoopy playing baseball was the correct design for this fabric and this sleeper. I think it is the perfect match.

One thought on “No, I didn’t forget about you…

  1. Lanita, Thanks for the adorable sleeper. I took pictures, but haven’t had time to sit down and get them off the camera. It fits great! The stretch going the long way is perfect. I didn’t notice the elastic in the back was gone until you mentioned it, but I kept wondering why this sleeper looked so different than any others. It is great all the way around. Thank you so much!!

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