What types of Crochet Hooks do you use?

IMG_1837Does the brand of crochet hook you use make a difference? That question depends on who you talk to. My mother with tell you, “No, the brand does not make a difference.” On the other hand, my sister with tell you, “Yes, the Susan Bates hooks are superior hooks.” I have always just crocheted with a Boye hook because that is what my mom gave me when I started out crocheting. So, I am going to conduct my own experiment with different hooks and see what results I get.

While checking out the hooks at the Joann’s Store, I saw the Glover soft touch crochet hook on the rack. Since I tape a pencil grip to all my crochet hooks, I decided to included this hook in my experiment since it was similar to my hooks with the pencil grip on them.

So, the experiment is: 3 hooks -size G, one Boye brand, one Susan Bates brand, and one Glover brand, with a pencil grip taped to the Boye and Susan Bates hook and a new amigurumi pattern. Stay tuned for the results.


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