The Results are in…

IMG_1898And a conclusion has been made. In the opinion of this researcher, the Susan Bates crochet hook is a better hook than the Boye or Glover hooks.

Although all three hooks are extremely functional, the glide factor became the determining factor. The Susan Bates hook seemed to glide through the loops of the crocheting better than the other two for a smoother and quicker stitch.

Because of the pencil holders that I had added to the other two hooks, the wider handle of the Glover hook did not add anything to its functionality, and it failed the glide test quicker than the Boye hook. Without the pencil holders that I added to the other hooks, I probably would have chosen the Glover hook because of its wider handle even though it failed the glide test.

What I found was that with all three hooks sitting on my desk, I always reached for the Susan Bates hook over the other two. I will not get rid of my other hooks, but I definitely will favor the Susan Bates brand when I buy new ones in the future. I will have to add the pencil holders to the hooks I buy though, to give them a wider gripping surface so it aggravates my hands less as I stitch.

One thought on “The Results are in…

  1. Susan Bates are the best! just remember who told you first. Although, I have a new one, it have a light in it so you can sew in the dark. I think you would really like it, because of it having a battery it is much fatter around. (I think fatter than even with the pencil grip on it, also it has a rubber grip on it. The price was about six times more, (thank goodness for coupons) It’s by widget products, I get it at Micheal’s, it kinda looks like your yellow one. For that price it should crochet by it’s self, right?

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