It’s all some kind of whacked out conspiracy!

IMG_1891IMG_1895It was time to make the husband a new shirt and here it is. It is made from some of the  $1 a yard fabric bought on the last trip to M&L fabric so I did not have to dig too deep into the stash. The fabric cut and stitched so gracefully that I was wishing I would have bought many more yards of it. My husband looked at the fabric color and texture and then picked out his embroidery design for it. It was a fun design to stitch. It is shadowed so that the penguin is supposed to look more realistic. Although the design called for the lettering to be the same color as one of the oranges in the beak, the next time I do this design, I will pick a different color for the lettering, changing threads in the middle of the stitching to give it more contrast. I am still pleased with the end results and I think you can read the words fine.

Don’t look at the collar too closely though. As with all my sewing, my patience must be tested and this time it was on the tab front. I don’t know if I just stitched unevenly or if I cut unevenly, but the bottom of the tab will not lay straight. I unpicked and re-stitched this several times, but it just would not work. I finally notice that my redoing was causing more damage than I was getting results, so I finally decided it would have to do. On the hanger it does not look so great, but when my husband is wearing it, you really don’t notice so I guess that is where it counts.


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