Now What?

Snoopy_typewriter_thinkDoes anyone else have this problem? I love to sew and I have many projects in mind to do next and I would just love to spend 6 months stitching away with no distractions. But, it seem that every time I finish a project, I get a mental block and I can’t figure out what to sew next. Should I do this or that? Should I create something new I’ve never done before or should I do something off of my to do list? I just finished my husbands new shirt and then wandered around my sewing room wondering what to do next. It frustrates me greatly when this happens. I am wasting precious time that could be used sewing or even crocheting. I know, I know. Most of you are saying “Wow! I only WISH I had that problem.” Still it bothers me that I can’t be decisive enough to just go from one project to the next.

I have decided that reason this happens is because I have so many ideas and I am over thinking the possibilities. I tend to over think things a lot because it is who I am. Because my sewing time is so limited, when I finish a project, I say to myself, “Ok, I will make me a shirt next, or would it be better to make the niece the new dress pattern you bought, or do I want to finish that sock monster that has been hiding in the closet for the last few months. Oh, don’t forget about the baby shower coming up at work, you had better get some more sleepers made.” By then I am so overwhelmed with things to do and I can’t decided how to prioritize what should come next. I want to do all the projects, NOW, but which would be the best one to do next. Argh! I have tried to make a list to help prioritize things but that does not seem to be much help. I have also tried to tell myself, “Just do it. They are all projects you want to do so it really does not matter what you do first.” But, that is not helping. So, my struggle continues as I try to figure out what to make next. It’s a good problem to have I think.


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