Prep for Embroidery Day

IMG_2156In trying to decided what to sew next, I found a shirt I had cut out for myself many months ago, but had just never finished, tucked deeply in the depths of the closet. The shirt had become a UFO that I was going to finish someday, so I decided that it was someday and pulled it out of the closet. I finished the collar and side seams and decided to add some embroidery to it as well. After deciding on a design and putting it on the stick, it was time to pull out the hoops, thread and stabilizer, but I was out of time. I knew I did not have enough time to complete the embroidery on the shirt. So, I have decided to have an “embroidery day” on my next day off.

With that decision made, I hung the shirt in the closet and started some baby sleepers. I almost have 3 sleepers ready to embroidery. I have picked out some fabric for a 4th and 5th sleeper and I know what design I want on it, but I don’t know if I will have it ready for “embroidery day”. I also want to dig some towels out of the stash for bibs and embroider them on “embroidery day”. I can think of several other things I would like to embroider on “embroidery day”, but I do not want to schedule more than I can complete in that day. I am very excited for “embroidery day” and I am already planning the dates for “sewing days”. If I get all the embroidery done I want to do, I will need a couple of full “sewing days” to complete the shirt, sleepers and bibs.

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