The New Pin Cushion

IMG_2157We attended a craft fair last week and I purchased a new pin cushion. Of course, what caught my eye was the Coca-Cola fabric, but it was also large, constructed well, and had a nice price. My problem is I have used the same pin cushion for almost 17 years. My neighbor lady gave it to me when I started to sew. It is one that she crocheted. Over the years, the yarn has become fuzzy as many a pin has been pulled from it and then returned to it, but it is still quite functional. As I removed the pins from the old pin cushion, I became very sentimental. Do I really want to give up my tried and true pin cushion? What did I need a new one for? Why did I even buy the new one when my old one is doing just fine?

I removed all the pins from the old pin cushion and poked them into the new cushion. I then tossed the old pin cushion into the good will box, but then promptly turned around and removed it. I decided I would not part with it yet just in case I disliked the new pin cushion and needed to return to using the old one. So, will someone remind me in a month or so to get rid of the old pin cushion so it does not just live in the back of the closet with all the other sentimental treasures. Thanks.


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