Improvising Tip Towels to Make Baby Bibs

img_2220img_2221When I pulled out my box that contained the fingertip towels for baby bibs, I found that I had less tip towels remaining than I remembered. As I dug though the box to get an inventory of what I really had left, I found at the bottom of the box some towels I had purchased for another project that never happened. They are bigger than tip towels, about the size a large hand towel.

As I laid a tip towel on them to see just how big they really were in comparison, I found that width wise they were exactly two tip towels wide. So, by cutting the towel in half, I would have two tip towels to use as bibs. This would have been perfect except for the decorative stripe on the ends of the towels that would then be on the left or right of the bibs once they were cut to size. I decided to give it a try anyway and see how the bibs turned out..

img_2225img_2226I measured the towel into fourths and luckily on the 1/4 and 3/4 mark I had room to put a 4 X 4 embroidery design before the stripe got in the way. After embroidering the two designs, I cut the towel at the 1/2 mark, serged the edges, turned and stitched down, finishing the raw edge. I then measured for the neck. To center the neck, I had to cut into the stripe. I thought about moving the neck off center so the stripe was not involved, but I did not like that look. It was too far off.

I decided to go ahead at cut into the stripe for the neck and just see how it turned out, and as you can see, it turned out just fine. In fact, I think that the bibs turned out pretty well on the half towel. The back side is not nearly as pretty as the bibs made with the tip towels, but the front look is all I really care about and I believe the functionality will still be the same, if not better. These are pretty nice towels and are thicker than most I use. Some of the tip towels I have used previously have been pretty thin.

Finding ribbing I liked with the green towel was a chore. I did not have any matching green so I tried to match with the embroidery designs colors. Snoopy was easy of course. I chose the red ribbing, but white would have worked as well. The dinosaur design was a little more difficult to pick a color. I  had no brown ribbing so I dug deep into the back of the closet for find this manufactured ribbing I had bought many years ago and never used. It matched well, but it definitely made the bib more masculine.

img_2222img_2223The 3rd bib I made is from a tip towel from the box. I wanted to use the cream towel with this design. I wanted to put brown ribbing on the neck, but as I already mentioned, I had no brown ribbing. (I know what I will be buying on my next trip to a real fabric store since Wal-mart does not have ribbing.) I tried pink ribbing but just did not like the look, so I settled for the cream ribbing, even though it is not my favorite. I think the bib turned out cute anyway.

I am excited now to make more bibs and will not hesitate so much in making them do to my lack of tip towels since I think the hand towels cut in half work out just fine.

(NOTE: I’ve added a  small update to this post HERE. And the ORIGINAL post is HERE)

6 thoughts on “Improvising Tip Towels to Make Baby Bibs

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  2. I need to know where to order or buy the ribbing. I have not made one of the bibs and I really don’t know what to look for or to ask for. I have 2 small grandbabies and would like to make the bibs.

    • As far as purchasing ribbing on line, seems to have the best selection that I could find, (I searched their site for knit ribbing.) but I have not personally purchased any ribbing from them. also listed some basic color when I searched for knit ribbing. On the retail front, Joann’s carries several colors, but don’t waste your time looking at Walmart. Another option to purchasing actual ribbing is to use a nice interlock knit with a good stretch. Just make sure to cut the interlock a little longer than you would the ribbing before using it.

    • I like the terry cloth far better as a bib material since it tends to absorb more (baby spills). So are far as functionality goes I say terry cloth. From a construction standpoint either works fine.

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