Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion is my first amigurumi from the book Amigurumi World since I figured out that I was crocheting them inside out. As you see, his head and his bottom are much rounder than my previous animals for this book. I also feel that he was easier to crochet than the elephant or monkey from this book. This is probably due to crocheting him correctly, not inside out, or just the fact that I have made 4 of the patterns in this book, as well as the ones from my other book. I am getting the hang of crocheting amigurumi now. Either way I really enjoyed crocheting Leo and I think he turned out really cute.

The part that I really dislike still is the sewing together of these guys. I love to crochet all their parts but just hate when it is time to put them together. I feel I did better on Leo though than on my other amigurumi’s. First I studied the pictures in the book very carefully, and I saw that the felt parts where not being stitched on with a back stitch as I had tried to do previously. Second, by the end of crocheting, I am excited to put my amigurumi together so I think I rush the sewing together part. So, following the suggestion in the book and the pictures closely and slowing down and taking all the time I needed, I am much more pleased with Leo’s face than his friends. His face is probably better looking just due to the fact that his head is not pointy, or maybe just practice.

His mane was a sources of contention for me though. I crochet really tight. I followed that pattern exactly to make his mane but it fell short around his head due to how tight I crocheted it. I stretched it around to fit, but if I make another lion, I will break the pattern down and see how many stitches to add for more dumps on his mane. I already tried to crochet it looser, but still did not get a nice fitting mane.

So, Leo needs a good home. If anyone would like to provide him with one, please let me know.


4 thoughts on “Leo the Lion

  1. I think Leo is cute. I also love that little dinosaur on the bib a few posts back. Thanks for everything you send us, it is always appreciated.

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