The “I Don’t Care” Shirt (also known as the IDGASS)

I don’t know when this piece of purple fabric entered the stash or even where I got it from, but I do know that it has been in the stash a long time. I was doing some fine tuning adjustments on my basic sloper pattern last March and I needed to try out my adjustments, so I dug this purple piece, as well as a blue piece, out of the stash. I washed the fabric and took it to the cutting table, but as I cut out the purple fabric, I lost interest in the fabric and the shirt. I can’t explain it. It just didn’t cut out well and it soured me on the whole project. After cutting and ironing on some interfacing, I sewed the shoulder seams and that is where the construction stopped. I just did not care to sew on it anymore, so I tucked it in the closet. Each time I opened the closet to start a new project, it would be sitting there staring at me, but there it would remain for a long time.

A few weeks ago during the prep for embroidery day, I ran across the shirt and decided to get it out and finish it. As I sewed the collar on, it just didn’t quite sew right, but I didn’t care. While sewing the side seams, the serging puckered a little and I just didn’t care. The hems wanted to give me some grief, but I just did not care. In picking out an embroidery design, I picked the design I had been wanting to try, not what would have been best looking on the shirt. I just didn’t care.

Well, upon completion of the shirt, I looked back at the sewing process and thought to myself, “This shirt actually was a struggle to sew together, but with the I don’t care attitude, it was not problem.” I wish all my sewing projects could be have the I don’t care attitude. It would save me a lot of frustration. But, it would probably make me a sloppier sewer so maybe it is for the best that I do care. Although, I think I will tuck a little I don’t care attitude away for the those times when a sewing project is really trying my patience.

Another funny thing about the “I don’t care” shirt is that it is very comfortable and I love to wear it.

By the way, my adjustment worked well in both the blue shirt and this shirt.

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