I LOVE my Iron!

Well, as much as any girl can love an iron I guess.

Now, make sure you read that title correctly. I HATE to iron, but I do love the iron that I use. So, if I have to iron and as you know when you sew, you iron a LOT, I am glad I have the iron I have to do the ironing with. My iron is a cordless Panasonic Model NI-L45NR. My husband got it for me a few years back after hearing me complain about my then current iron’s problems one time too many. The thing I like the best about my iron it that fact that it is cordless. I can move freely with the iron and not have to worry about the cord getting in the way. I can move to other side of the ironing board if I need to. Plus, I don’t have to worry about tripping over the cord and knocking the iron over. No children to worry about, but I still worry for my carpet. This iron also has another great feature, automatic shut off. No more, “Oh, did I shut the iron off? Oh, did I unplug it?” I was always a little obsessive about the status of my previous irons.

I know some would say that the problem with my iron is that it IS cordless, and that you have to put it back on the base every few minutes to keep it heated. When it is off the base it does not have power so it starts to cool down, but trust me the cooling of the iron is not a quick process, but the heating of the iron is. It only takes a couple of seconds once returned to the base to return to full steam (pun intended). For me, ironing is 95% adjusting the fabric and 5% moving the iron over the fabric, so, I have plenty of time for the iron to set on the base and stay hot and it is not off the base long enough to lose enough heat to consider it cool. Now, if I was a quilter, I may not like this iron because I would have larger areas to iron at one time and it may cool down too much between being returned to the base, but I have never had a heat problem with this iron. And I iron many pieces of my and my husband’s clothes and a bunch of sewing projects a week with it without problems or grief.

So, if you’re looking for a new iron and you aren’t a quilter, I have a recommendation for you. Go cordless!


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