One More Piece of Fabric

I went a little crazy with the black Friday sales this year. Between the awesome $2.99 fleece sale at Joann’s, and online clearance sales at Hancock, and the remnant bin at Wal-mart, I have added a nice stack of fresh fabric to the stash.

With the stash currently flowing out of the closet were it lives and the stack in the top of the sewing room closet plus the stack in the corner of the sewing room of pieces to be sewn next, I really need no more fabric. But, when my husband walked it to the sewing room, put his hands on his hips and sarcastically said “You know dear, I think you need one more piece of fabric. Just one more piece that’s all.”, the challenge was on to purchase just one more piece.

So, last Saturday, after attended the Christmas light boat parade, I was able to purchase the one more piece of fabric I needed. Now, the stash is complete, and I must stop purchasing and start sewing.


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