Inexpensive Panel

img_2230This blanket is not cheap in the fact that the fleece is thin, but in the fact that I did not pay a lot of money for it. Inexpensive describes it better.

Last year for Christmas my sister crocheted around one of these Snoopy panels and gave it to me, so I do not need another one when I have the beautiful one that she made.Her blankets are always so nicely done.

But, last summer while digging through Joann’s remnant bin I found two of these panels. Someone had opened the packages, so they were wrapped as remnants and marked for half price. At the time, the sales was half off the current price of remnants, so I bought both blankets for half the price of one blanket originally cost. I could not pass up that price even though I already had one of these blankets at home.

Somebody, somewhere needs a Snoopy blanket I thought to myself.


My husband picked out the bright red yarn to stitch around this blanket.

Because it was regular sized yarn, I use the skip-stitch blade #1 to cut the holes in it. Although the fleece of this panel is thinner than the fleece I have purchased off the bolt, it did not suffer from the gapping hole problem of the cheap panels I had crocheted before. The fleece stretched back nicely after I pulled the yarn through.

I crocheted the peaks pattern around this blanket because I think the look is more unisex. When I do a scalloped edge, to me, the blanket becomes feminine, even though I have made several boy’s blankets with scalloped edges. (The color helps to make the scallops more masculine.)

Since I don’t know who will be sleeping under this particular blanket, I wanted it to work for anyone.

I had a lot of fun crocheting the edges of this blanket. It kept me entertained during many a car ride this holiday season.


3 thoughts on “Inexpensive Panel

  1. If you are crocheting 2 pieces of fleece together (like a design on 1 side and a solid on the other) do you sew the 2 pieces together 1st or just use the skip stitch and connect the 2 with the crochet border?

    • You can certainly use either of those techniques. I’ve done both depending on the particular ‘look’ that I was after and they both work out just fine!

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