Coffee Time!

This post should be named “Finally a follow up to the post Ring around the Collar” or also known as: “The Idea that didn’t quite work.”

If you remember correctly, in the last post about a two piece collar or a collar with a stand, you will remember that I was brain storming about a way to attach the collar other than the way I had been taught years ago because I was having such a difficult time getting the stand and collar sewn to the shirt. Well, my idea did and didn’t work. It did work in that I got the collar attached to the shirt, but it didn’t work it that it didn’t make the attachment any easier or the results any better. I have not given up on my idea for attached the collar my way, I just think it needs some fine tuning in actual application. Hopefully, it will not take me a year to try again.

Now about the shirt. My mom bought this fabric at a yard sale. She said she did not know why she bought it but that there was a lot of yardage and I could have it. I know why she bought it. She knew subconiously that her daughter would love the bright colors and would want a shirt made from it. Judging from the amount of yardage, I bet this fabric was purchased to make kitchen curtains, so if you see me in my shirt, please don’t say, “Oh, you match my kitchen curtains” or I may have to give you a Razz-berry!

The rest of the construction of the shirt went well. I have not wore the shirt yet, but I am very excited to do so.


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