Made from England

Not in but from England. This teddy bear is constructed from the yarn and eyes that I transported half way around the world a year ago this last November.

I chose a pattern from the free patterns on the Lion Brand Yarn Company’s web site. The pattern’s picture was of a white Christmas teddy bear. I did not want a Christmas bear so I did not make him a scarf. This is the first time I have crocheted with suede yarn. I enjoyed working with the yarn. It crocheted very smoothly with no splitting of the yarn’s threads. I did have to be careful when making knots or undoing stitches not to pull the fuzzy part off the yarn, leaving me with a just a thread. The eyes and nose were simple to put on making the face no problem to put together. The pattern did not call for a mouth so I didn’t add one. I have not decided if that is the right decision or not.  He may get a mouth yet. Sewing this teddy bear’s parts together went smoothly as well, but is still not my favorite part of the construction. The black suede yarn was nice though. It hid a lot of the constructions stitches. All in all, this teddy bear stitched up rather quickly and easily.

I don’t know what to think about this teddy bear now that he is complete. He is not as soft as I expected him to be compared to the yarn. (He is certainly softer than any other amigurumi I have made.) Compared to the picture on the pattern, he did not turn out correctly at all. I don’t know if it is the difference between the yarns used or the black and white colors, or just me. I have sat him on my sewing table so I can stare at him and see if he will grow on me, like the snowman did, but he has not. This is the only thing that makes me like him because he is somewhat of a misfit in my opinion and who doesn’t love a misfit.

So, Mr Teddy is looking for a good home. Does anyone want to provide him with one?


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