I’ve Finished…

I finally got a chance to do some sewing and did so with some success. I finished the baby sleepers and bibs which is a good thing because I have been invited to another baby shower for a colleague at work. And it’s good thing I found out that the new nephew’s mom does not like Pooh so I can give this sleeper away to someone else and make another one for him.

The two sleepers sewed up with only minor difficulties, like matching the stripes, but as always were fun to sew and exciting to finish because they are always turn out so cute. Years ago, I found this Pooh and Piglet design on the internet somewhere. I have always wanted to stitch it on something, so I specifically picked out the yellow fabric just for this design.

I wasn’t  impressed with the design as it stitched out and I will not do it again. It looks very good on the top side but the back of it is a mess.

I trimmed many threads and used some web knit over the design to hide and soften the back.

But I am afraid the design will not withstand much washing and it will probably need to be ironed after each wash, which I feel is not acceptable for a baby sleeper. So, I am concerned about giving it away. Fortunately, the teddy bear design on the other sleeper stitched very well and is so cute on the stripes.

On our last visit to see the parents, I raided Mom’s stash for brown ribbing and we found a small piece that I used on this sleeper.

Now, neither one of us have brown ribbing left in our stashes. Oh well, I guess I will just have to go fabric shopping and buy some more ribbing..

img_2586img_2585The bibs worked up easily and quickly and the results are so cute. I took the pictures before I washed the bibs so the top stabilizer is still over the designs.

If you want to see my original baby bib post you can find it HERE.

And in other good news, the husband was able to find me a great new source of fingertip towels for a great price and they are of excellent quality. So I am quite excited and I am back in the bib making business. I can now use the white tips towels from my new source or make my own if I want another color than white.

.P.S. I also got two new shirts cut out for the husband and so it was a very productive sewing day for me.

8 thoughts on “I’ve Finished…

  1. Both sleepers turned out adorable!! Even the Pooh one would have been loved at in our family. Are the bibs tip towels or hand towels? We seem to be going through them very fast these days as we are trying to get Ty to eat by himself.

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  4. Are you still making the sleepers and/or baby bibs? I’m having a heck of a time locating rib knit trim a.k.a. “ribbing.” Hancock Fabrics used to sell it; so did JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts. Neither of them do anymore. Do you have a good source for ribbing?

    • I usually find it at the smaller local fabric stores and occasionally at Joanns. but when I need some in a certain color and I cannot find it anywhere I just get a good knit fabric and make my own.

  5. I love the bibs! But I don’t understand how the circle template can be the same for all babies’ heads?? Please explain.

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