Monster Under the Bed

The creation of this monster involved two firsts for me in the art of amigurumi. The first was that the pattern for this monster is the first crochet pattern I have purchased on line and had sent to me via e-mail. I purchased this pattern and two others from Ana Paula Rimoli’s etsy store. Ana is the author of the Amigurumi World book’s 1 and 2, and, as you know, I have made many amigurumi’s from her patterns. So, I knew that the pattern would be well written and would produce a cute amigurumi. Because of a sale at her etsy store, I bought all three patterns for about $3.00, which I thought was a great price for the patterns plus no shipping charge because she just sent them to my e-mail address.

The second first was the the amount of improvising I did on this monster. When I crochet an amigurumi, I follow the pattern very closely. I try to make my amigurumi look just like the picture on the pattern. As I crocheted the pieces for this amigurumi, I decided to make a few changes. I wanted my monster’s arm and legs longer than what the pattern called for, and I wanted his spikes fatter than the pattern said to make them. Although, I believe that the resulting monster from following the pattern exactly would have been just as cute as mine is, it was fun to make this monster my own and give him the details I wanted. I am very excited about this pattern because I can crochet it again and change it to make an entirely new monster, different from the pattern and this one. I do have to keep one feature the same on my next monster though since I have an extra eye now.

Sorry, this monster has already found a home. My husband named him Bart and he lives on his computer desk with alligator. I think he is secretly hoping that Bart will eat all the fabric in the stash, so he wants to keep him around for a little while.


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