Hip-pity Hop

This bunny is one of the cutest and most fun amigurumi’s I have made yet. His pattern is from Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula Rimoli. His body, arms and legs were supposed to be crocheted in a different color to make pajamas but I wanted just a bunny so I crocheted all his parts with an off white color yarn. It was fun to crochet the little round balls for his hands and feet, watching how his shape developed. My ability to sew the amigurumi’s parts together and the creating of the facings is improving with the more amigurumi’s I make. It still is not  my favorite part though. I am pleased with my end results. The only thing I would do different on this bunny is the way I sewed the felt to his ears. I did a running stitch as I did  around his nose. I wish I had used a more secure stitch. I am afraid that as the bunny is played with, carried by his ears, that the running stitch will not take the abuse, but for now, it is secure. And I really like the look of the running stitch especially around the nose.



I have already started my next amigurumi. I sure enjoy making these little guys. I told my husband though that if I don’t actually post something about sewing I was going to have to change the name of my blog to “Crochet Forth and Crochet On” which just does not have the same ring as my current title. So, please bear with me. I have been doing some sewing, just nothing finished yet to tell you about. Until then I hope you’re enjoying the posts on crocheting.

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