I am a Pinner

Mom don’t look, but yes, your daughter is a pinner. I love to use pins. I believe that the extra time it takes me to pin something together as I sew is time well spent as it saves me problems in the long run. This is most evident when I make my husband’s shirts.

For years, I fought easing the collar onto my husband shirts. The end result always had tucks and folds in the body of the shirt which lead to a lot of unpicking, cussing and a few tears. It was such a problem that at one time I decided I could not make him shirts with collars anymore. Since he will only wear shirts with collars, I was never going to make him a shirt again. One day, I finally got mad and started pinning. I put a pin every inch or less to fit in the ease. I was embarrassed by my actions because my mom had always said “Don’t waste your time pinning. You can just hold and ease it in.” Then I remember something else my mom told me and that was that sewing should be fun. So, if using some pins would help make the sewing process more fun, it seemed justified to me.

Still, I was a little embarrassed by the amount of pins I use to put on one of his collars, I always pinned the collar and quickly sewed it so no one would see the pins. For years this has worked until this last time. I was sewing and needed to get ready for work. I had just finish my pinning of the collar to the shirt so I left it sitting on my sewing table, thinking that no one would notice until I got home that night to sew the collar on. That did not work.  When my husband walked in and saw the pins, he laughed and laughed and immediately grabbed the camera. So, my dirty little secret is out. I am a pinner and I am proud of it! PINNERS PRIDE!


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