No Evil

Growing up, my friend’s mom had a plaque with three monkeys on it doing the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” but it had a fourth monkey that said “have no fun”. Well, that is not the case here. This shirt has been great fun to put together.

I don’t remember where I got this piece of fabric from but I wish I had 20 yards more of it. I think it may have come from Mom’s stash or I bought it years ago at the $2 fabric store in Utah. Either way it has been in my stash too long. It was a joy to work with though. It cut out smoothly and sewed up like a dream. It was like it wanted to be sewn up. Yes, yes, there were the usual trials when sewing anything but they seemed smaller this time and easier to over come.

The most difficult part of this shirt was picking an embroidery design. Just about everything would have looked good on this shirt. At first I picked Mickey Mouse, then I went to Snoopy, of course. Next I looked at aliens, and monsters, and also lizards and snakes, but my husband finally picked the gargoyles and I am pleased with the way they look on the shirt. I am very excited for him to wear this shirt. I hope he likes it. You can find the design here.


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