Presents for the Bunny

Somebody is going to want to play with this bunny. Well, at least I hope so. So, I decided to give the bunny some presents.

The first present is a tail. This really will not add to the play factor of the bunny, but I felt like it needed a tail. Because the bunny’s body was supposed to be crocheted in a different color to resemble pajamas, it did not have a tail. Since I decided not to have the bunny in pajamas, it needed a tail. I was just going to make a pom-pom from yarn for the tail, but my husband kept insisting that I glue cotton balls to its behind. Since I knew cotton balls would never withstand any play time, I finally made it to a store that sells pom-poms. (Wal-mart does not have the greatest selection of pom-poms.) I gave the sewing on of the pom-pom a great amount of thought and worry, but when it was finally time to sew it on, it was easy. I just pulled a piece of yarn through the pom-pom then tied it to the bunny. I did this twice for security. I gave the tail a few good tugs and it seems to be on there securely and I think it is adorable.






The next present is a blanket. How can you hold and rock the bunny without a blanket, or take it for a ride in a stroller or wagon without one? I have never crocheted a blanket before, especially not for a bunny so I had no idea how big I wanted the blanket. So, after reading the patterns for several baby blankets, I decided to use a wash cloth pattern my mom taught me many years ago when she first tried to teach me to crochet. You start in the corner by crocheting a little pad, then you increase each row by one little pad until you have the desired size. At 20 inches long, 25 pads diagonally, I felt I had the right size, so I decreased by one pad on each row to finish the square. I have seen this pattern made as a baby blanket with 50 pads diagonally for the size but because it makes a square it is not useful for any other size blanket. This is also the first time I have crocheted with this type of yarn. It was a challenge at first. Because I crochet so tight, it was difficult to stitch at first, but I learned to loosen up and switched from a G hook to an H hook. Make sure you’re accurate with this yarn though. It is not easy to undo stitches and does not do well after being twisted into a stitch, but the end results are great and the blanket is so soft.

I have some more ideas for more presents for the bunny, but for now, I am moving on to other projects.


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