The Adventure Begins…

New years resolutions are meant to be broken, or at least that is what I tell myself every year to justify mine never being accomplished. This year I am trying to do better. As I mentioned a few posts back, my new years goal for 2010 is to learn some new sewing techniques. I was going to start with some research and make a list of things I wanted to try, but this did not happen or at least it hasn’t happened yet. Instead, after finishing my husband’s shirts, I wanted to start on my next project and list or not, I wanted to try a zipper in a dress.

Since I don’t wear dresses often, I dug through my patterns and found this one, Simplicity 4250. My mom gave me this pattern several years ago after she had made it and had said it was fun and easy to make. The dress has a lapped zipper in the back and if you make the sleeveless design, you use bias tape on the armholes, thus accomplishing two new things, a zipper in a dress and using bias tape. So, after I had decided to make this pattern, I also decided to make the smallest size of it which was a size 3. This way if the dress didn’t turn out I was not out  a lot of fabric and if it did turn out, the dress would fit the niece just fine.

Next, I went to the stash for fabric. I bought the fabric I used for it many years ago at Wal-mart for $1/yd. At the time I purchased the fabric I had no plans for it, I just liked the lady bugs pattern on it. So, now is a fine time for it to leave the stash and a dress is a fine project to construct from this fabric. Once again, if the dress does not turn out, I am not out much.

The next step was to trace the pattern, cut out the pieces, prep the fabric, shrink the interfacing and cut out the dress.

This is now done and I am ready to start sewing.

Stay tuned for more adventures of: “The Seamstress and the Zipper!” And no, that isn’t a new carnival ride in SewTown…


One thought on “The Adventure Begins…

  1. I can’t believe you have never sewn a zipper in a dress or used bias tape. I truly thought you could do anything as far as sewing goes. (No joke, you make such great stuff!!) I have sewn a zipper into a dress once, but please don’t ask me to do it again without a step by step video and a teacher standing over me. Good Luck, I’m excited to see the results.

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