The Facings

What?!? I sewed the facing on just as the pattern guide directed, but something is not right. When I fold the facing to the inside it covers the top of the zipper and if I stitch it down like it says in the guide, you will not be able to zip the zipper to the top. This is only a problem  on the lap side. The non-lap side is just fine with the fold over. After much study, I concluded that my problem is that the zipper is too high on the dress. The pattern calls for a hook and eye at the top of the zipper to close the neck. I have no room for a hook and eye, so my zipper must be too high. Not wanting to unpick the whole zipper, I opted just to slant the facing, and fold it away from the zipper.

Discouraged by this, I decided to get a zipper inserting expert involved, and so I gave my Mom a call. I showed her the problems I had with the zipper and she agreed with my conclusions to improving the zipper insertion. When I explained my facing dilemma, she told me that the slant fold away from the zipper was exactly the correct thing to do and to not necessarily lower the zipper the next time. Mom said she was not a big fan of sewing on hook and eyes, so she liked to put the zipper to the top and slant the facings. Cool. (I had another thought about  the facings and the zipper, but don’t really want to say anything until I try it. Let’s just say that the bigger seam allowance is a must.)

With Mom’s encouragement, I will now move on to the bias tape on the armholes. I am very thankful for my mom and her expertise in these situations as over the years there have been many of them. If I did not have the the knowledge she has already shared with me and the ability to learn more from her, I would have wadded up this pattern guide and thrown it and the pattern in the garbage and went back to making sleepers, which by the way, I would not know how to make either if she had not taught me how.

I can tell it must be getting close to Mother’s Day. So here is an early reminder just so you don’t forget: Sunday May 9, 2010 is Mother’s Day.  So don’t forget to show your Mom some love ok?

Stay tuned for more…


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