All Done

I have completed the little dress and it is on its way to the niece. I hope it fits. After seeing some recent pictures, I am now wishing I had made the size 4 instead of the size 3, but being as it is a summer dress and I want it to fit now, the size 3 will probably be just right. The niece’s mom has agreed to let me know about the fit as soon as she gets the dress and tries it on. I am very anxious to find out.

I finished the edges of the arm’s eye with some bias tape. The pattern guide instructed to stitch the bias tape on so that it showed as an edge, but I did not have any matching bias tape so I just used white and stitched it on so it would not show. I think it turned out ok. I just did a simple straight 1″ hem around the bottom to complete the dress.

I have already picked out some more fabric to make another dress so I can try the zipper again. I also want to try lining the bodice on this next dress and adding some embroidery as well as some other changes. I can’t wait to get started.


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