Which Came First?

This is my latest amigurumi project. The pattern is from the book, Amigurumi World. The pattern called for the eggs to be made from white yarn, but being as it is Easter, I want my eggs to be colored. The eggs and chicks were a lot of fun to make and even though they are all from the same pattern, each took on its own personality as I completed it.

Besides the color of the eggs, I did make some other changes to the patterns. Because the yarn I wanted to use for the eggs and chicks was a baby yarn, and only 3 ply, I used a size larger hook than the pattern called for, to try and make the eggs and chicks the same finished size as the pattern. The first chick that I made, I crocheted as instructed by the pattern but the chick came out quite small and when placed in the egg, sunk to the bottom so only the top of its head was showing. On the next chicks, I add two rows to the length of the body of the chick to help solve this problem. I also left one row off the bottom of the open egg to help the length of the chick as well. This seemed to solve the problem and the lengthen chick sits well in the shorter egg.

At first I was going to make a dozen Easter eggs for everyone, but as crocheting commenced I quickly saw that I was not going to have enough time by Easter to complete such a goal. So, I made six eggs and four chicks for my two aunts. It was fun to shop for just the right basket to arrange the eggs and chicks in. (I picked the bucket-like baskets because the handle laid down and I knew that would make mailing the baskets much easier.)  I also had green plastic grass spread all over the sewing room by the time I got the baskets arranged as I wanted. I wrapped the basket in plastic wrap to help keep the eggs and chicks arranged through transport. Hopefully they will make it ok. I think eggs, chicks and baskets turned out just adorable. I hope the aunts like them as well.

I am off the start my next amigurumi projects but I will keep the egg and chick patterns in mind and maybe next year everyone will have crocheted eggs and chicks for Easter.


3 thoughts on “Which Came First?

    • Thanks I think they turned out adorable too! Now I am wishing I would have kept a set for me. Ah well maybe next year!

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