Archive | April 1, 2010

That’s It! I’ve had it! No More!

Sorry to be so blunt in the title but I’ve absolutely had it up to here!

Everytime I try to sew something lately it just ends in absolute, mind boggling failure!

So I’m giving it up! I’m going to try something simpler with my free time like Golf. Or maybe learn to play Rockband on my Wii.

So if anyone is interested I have a bunch of sewing gear I would like to sell cheap.

Along with several thousand yards of various types of fabrics.

And a whole bunch of notions.

Well at least that was the dream I had…

Happy April Fools Day everyone!

Sorry for the scarcity of posts lately but I’ve been a little busy going to Concerts and riding Camel’s (don’t ask).

A girl has to get out and have some fun sometime doesn’t she?

And now back to your regularly scheduled posts.