Mom’s Stash

Well, I am back from the visit with the parents and the raiding of Mom’s stash. I did not take too much from her, but I did get some great deals at the local fabric stores.

Mom had picked up some pieces for baby sleepers which she gave to me. She knows how much fun I have making baby sleepers and as always everyone in the family is pregnant. She did load me up with yarn though, some green baby yarn that will look great on my next baby blanket, flesh color for if and when I decided to try a crocheted doll, as well as some standard color, yellow, purple, beige and some variegated yarns. Mom also gave me some books she was getting rid of, mostly crocheted afghan patterns. I am very excited for those. As always, it is fun to go through Mom’s stash but it is far more fun to spend time with Mom, and to exchange ideas with a kindred spirit. And I have not forgotten Dad. It was fun to see his latest latch hook projects, and to have have him help out when our creativity was waning.

Although we were only there a couple of days, I made it to Wal-Mart. The fabric department at their Wal-Mart is one of the best I have ever seen and I miss not living closer. All of their fleece was on clearance for either $5 or $3 a yard. This is not really a great deal. With sales and coupons, you can get this price at regular fabric stores, but they had several Disney prints like Mickey Mouse and Pooh prints for $5 per yard. And that was a hot deal as those are usually $14-$17 a yard. I bought several yards of both.

We stopped at Joann’s on the way home, just to look, of course, but they were having a sale, 50% off the the clearance price, so I went a little nuts. I purchased baby Snoopy flannel, pirate Snoopy, some flannel backed satin for PJ’s and one piece for me a new shirt. I also purchased more white yarn in the big one pound skeins that were on sale.

It was a fun trip, but I am excited to be home. I am tired but I am ready to sew. I have a lot of great ideas and new fabric to get started on. Stay tuned for some new projects started on the long car trip there and back.


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