Archive | April 20, 2010

Amigurumi Snoopy

I found the best amigurumi pattern on eBay and just had to buy it. As you know, I have purchased several amigurumi pattern books and I’ve even purchased a couple of patterns from etsy, but I tend to just print out free patterns I find online. While checking out some of the free patterns, it lead me to eBay and the purchase of this expensive amigurumi pattern but as you can already guess, it is worth every cent to me. He is so cute!

When I got the pattern, I panicked a little. As I read through the pattern, I did not understand all the the instructions, and I figured out right away that this was not going to be a pattern I could follow while watching TV. It was going to take my full concentration. At first I pushed that pattern to the side and started to say someday, but I really wanted to make a Snoopy, so I dug it out and got started.

I started by finding my old magnetic pattern holder. Why was I not using this ages ago? It was very helpful at keeping my place on the pattern. I did not have to do quite as much counting while using it. At first, I counted each stitch very carefully as I crocheted, but as I continued to work on Snoopy’s parts I got the feel for how he was stitched together and I could finally relax and enjoy the crocheting. No, I still could not watch TV and keep up with the count, but it did become easier. I love the way his ears and feet crocheted. They turned out so cute, especially his feet.

Snoopy’s pattern started with a magic ring. I had never made one of these before. It took some study and viewing of internet tutorials to figure it out. I did several practice rings before getting a ring I was happy with, but I still need more practice before I can say I have mastered the technique.

As always, sewing the part together is a challenge for me. Although, this is the first pattern I have done that actually gave a guide for placing the parts as you sewed them together. That was nice. When I first started to stitch him together I was displeased with the results and was a little discouraged, but now that he is finished, I just love him and I think he turned out fine.

The pattern also came with a pattern to make the WWI Flying Ace cap for Snoopy. I have not been brave enough yet to start the cap, so for today, he is just Snoopy, and someday he will take on his alter egos of the Flying Ace or Joe Cool.

Much to my husband’s surprise, Snoopy is on his way to his new home. I have decided not to keep him but to make another one someday for me. I will definitely make another one for me and several more for everyone in the family.  (But truth be told, I don’t have room for even one more Snoopy. AAUUGH!)