The F Word

Today I am going to talk about the “F” word. And yes, you guessed it, I mean the F word FABRIC.

Wait? That wasn’t the F word you were thinking of?

Man I didn’t know there were any other F words. Well ok, maybe FLEECE or FLANNEL, but I think those are the only 3 F words I know. Well, I guess that isn’t exactly true. I do know a few others but the three I just mentioned are probably the only ones I use most often! (Unless I am having issues with a sewing project.)

But today, the F word Fabric really is a bad word. I have been cleaning out the stash. Well, not really cleaning out, but cleaning through it and trying to reorganize it as best I can. As I have sorted through the pieces of fabric in my stash, I have tried to part with some, but without any luck. I have tossed several pieces into the goodwill box but then promptly removed them and placed them back in the stash.

Fleece fabric is a double whammy F word because of its bulk. I can not box the fleece up like I can most of the fabric I own. Each box would only have 3 to 4 pieces of fabric in it, which is a waste of boxes, so I need to stack it somewhere safe, but accessible, and I don’t know where that is, so the whole issue is causing me distress. (The top of the closet is already full of larger cuts of fabric that will not fit in boxes so that is out.)  My new obsession with flannel fabric has also made it a double whammy F word because I now need a whole new section in the stash to house the many pieces of flannel I have purchased in the last few years to make blankets and jackets with.

I have one more F word for this whole experience and that is figured. I have figured out from this trial that I have way too much fabric to clean it up and get it organized, so I am going to try a different approach. I am going to sew more frequently and fervently in order to decrease the amount of fabric in my stash, and forbid myself from buying more. Yes I know how that will probably work out already. And I think that will probably push me over the edge, and force me use one of those OTHER F-Word’s that I’m not supposed to say, like FLIP as in “I’m going to FLIP OUT if I don’t decrease the amount of fabric I have soon!”

Well dear readers, that is all for this weeks rant about the evil’s of fabric. I hope you enjoyed it! It was great stress reliever for me to write it out.


2 thoughts on “The F Word

  1. Fleece fits pretty good in the great big plastic bins, the 50 gallon size, I think. Of course, then you have to decide where to put the bins! Thanks again for snoopy, hope he enjoys his new home as much as I enjoy having him.

  2. I obviously have a soft-spot for flannel. To cut down my personal stash, I have made birthday presents: rag quilt purses, pillow cases, quilts, bibs, and blankets. One of these days I’ll try making PJ’s. Good luck with your sewing!

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