Pack Your Bags

Now that I have finally finished my new MIckey Mouse Bowling shirt with a design and pattern all my own, It is time to go to Disneyland!

I made this shirt from some poplin I purchased on sale from an internet source. When I received the fabric, I was not pleased with its feel so the shirt almost did not come to be. Internet fabric shopping is very discouraging to me. I have never had any luck purchasing fabric over the internet unless I am sure exactly what I am getting beforehand like fleece or flannel. Sometimes though, I take my chances on the quality I will receive and order it anyway. I hear stories all the time about people making fabulous purchases of fabric on the internet, but it just doesn’t happen to me. I guess I will have to just buy more from the brick and mortar stores.

My husband convinced me to go ahead and use the fabric because I wasn’t even sure of the design I wanted for the shirt. He said if it did not work out, I was only out some fabric I didn’t like and if it did work, I could buy some fabric I really liked and make another. I drew out several designs for this shirt and with my husband’s help picked this one. I decided to sew the yellow stripe to the front of the shirt rather then cutting the front apart and sewing the stripe into the front. I like it sewn on top and it was a lot easier to make. I will see how it wears before deciding if that is what I will do on another shirt.  I also made the back of the shirt from the red fabric even though I like the feel of the black fabric better. It is usually warm at Disney out in the sun all day, so I tried to minimize the amount of black in the shirt to keep it cooler. And like most things Disney it ended up being very colorful! It will be fun wearing it while watching the new World of Color attraction this summer.

I thought about putting yellow buttons on this shirt, but I want the yellow stripe and the embroidered Mickey Mouse to be what catches your eye on this shirt, so I went with just black buttons. I believe that if I had switched the colors and the buttons would have laid on the red instead of the black fabric, I could have used the yellow buttons. The red fabric would not have shown the yellow buttons like the black did. I also have some fun Mickey Mouse buttons but I think I will save them for a project I make for a child rather than an adult.

Now that it is complete I am very excited to wear this shirt! I like how it turned out. So, I will be keeping my eye out in the fabric shops for some black, red and yellow fabric that I could make another with. I think I will also keep an eye out for blue as well, and redesign my Donald Duck shirt next. Stay tuned folks! Same bat time, same bat channel!


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