It Should Be Simple

Or at least that is what I thought when I started. A few months of the year the sun sets at just the right angle that if it is your day off and you have decided to watch a movie between the hours of 5:00 to 7:00 PM, the sun will shine right through the decorative glass on the back door and right in to your eyes making the viewing of the movie quite difficult. So, I said to myself, “You know, I should make a removable curtain to cover the decorative glass so that the sun will not bother my movie watching time. It would be a very simple project and would not take much time at all.” Well that was what I thought anyway, but it turned out to be not quite right.

I started by digging through the scraps in the stash to find some inexpensive pieces of fabric. Since this curtain will only be used for a couple of hours at a time, and maybe only five times a year, I did not want to use any nice pieces of fabric on it. Luckily I found some left over beige denim and decided to use it, but upon measuring, it was a little small, but it was the best fabric scrap I had for the job, so I decided to sew pieces to the sides and bottom to make it fit. I only have one good size piece and the rest were really scraps so it took some piecing to get the size I wanted. I used all the scraps I had and the pieced square just fit the window, but there was no extra left for hems so I just serged the raw edges. After all this work, it would have been so much simpler just to use a large enough piece of fabric from the stash. So now you know what happens when you try to cut corners and save time. It doesn’t save you any time at all.

So, now that the curtain is complete, I have to figure out how to hang it. I did not want a rod mounted to the door permanently to be used for only a few hours a year. Since the door is metal, I thought it would be just a simple matter of taking some magnets from the fridge and sticking the curtain to the door, but the fridge magnets were not strong enough through the fabric to hold it in place. Next I tried glueing some pieces of strip magnets to the back of the curtain but it was not strong enough to hold the weight of fabric either. I thought about velcro, but really did not want a piece of velcro glue to my door either. Seeing my frustration, my husband bought me some rare earth magnets at the hardware store. Wow, are these some strong magnets! I was just going to hand stitch the magnets to the back of the curtain but these magnets stuck so well, I could not pull them from the door without pulling them from the fabric. Since I did not even have the fabric for a hem, I had no fabric to fold the corners into little pockets for the magnets. So I made some external tab pockets to hold them in. Now the challenge was to sew the little tab pockets with these super strong magnets in them to the curtain. I did it, but a third hand would have been helpful. I needed two hands to hold the fabric, lower the pressor foot and sew, and one hand to hold the magnet up so it was not automatically stuck to the metal parts of the sewing machine.

Well, with all that, a simple curtain that should have taken just a few minutes to cut out and hem, but ended up taking several hours and a great deal of brain power to make. Yet, it was fun to be creative and solve the problems to make something I needed without having any idea of how it was going to work or any pattern to work from. It was nice to do something ‘off the cuff’ as it were for a change.

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