Flannel Backed Satin

Since we are about half way through the year, I thought back to my new years goals that I had made, and pulled this piece of flannel backed satin out of the stash. It has not lived there very long, only a couple of years. I have always been shy of satins because everyone always comments about how difficult they are to sew, but it was time to try. I knew that the flannel would make it easier, meaning I would more likely finish the project and also be willing to sew with satins again. Besides that, it would be another piece of fabric out of the stash.

This piece of fabric was just begging to be made into girl’s pajamas. I did not have a pattern for girls pajamas so I decided just to use the basic patterns that I had. With that, the shirt is made from McCall’s 4849 size 3-4 and the pant’s pattern is from my Kwik Sew toddlers’ book size 3. Size wise they don’t quite match. To me, the shirt looks big and the pants look small for a 3 year old. This is becoming a real problem for me. I am having a difficult time judging sizes as the niece and nephews grow. When they were infants, I was able to just guess the appropriate size for their age and it pretty much matched, but now that they are older and their proportions have changed, taller, shorter, skinner, and so on, I feel less confident about just pulling out a pattern sized for their age, sewing it up and having it fit well. Luckily, I purchased enough fabric to make another pair of pants in size 4 if the size 3 is too small.

The sewing of the satin went very well, thanks to the flannel. I cut the pattern out very carefully, taking precautions to keep the fabric from slipping. I did learn that the a good sharp needle is needed to sew this fabric. A sharp needle will help keep the fabric from looking like it has been punctured at the seam line. I did not interface the collar or facings of the shirt. I figured that the flannel would take care of that so I will be interested to see how it wears and if I am correct in that assumption. I also had to spend some time getting the tensions on my serger correct. The serger kept gathering the fabric as it sewed. It was making some beautiful gathers, but I just wanted a nice flat sergered edge. Knowing that satin is a slippery problem, I did take extra time and extra pins to help make this sewing projects a success. So, I say to all other seamstresses out there that have shared their frustrations and success with satin, “Thanks for the info”.

Even with the sizing issue, I am pleased with my end results. I believe that the niece will like them as well. I am anxious for her to try them on and see how they fit. I have another piece of flannel backed satin hiding in the stash that I would just love to turn into pajamas but I will wait and see how she likes this set first.


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