Ninja #3: The army grows!

Beware the ninja called Tiny Bear. He is fearless as he fights his enemies with his silver star. He is the third ninja in the husbands ninja army.

Upon completing Yin and Yang, the husband thought they were fine ninja, but he had envisioned his army a little differently than just 4 more Yins and 4 more Yangs. With this, the search started to find a different ninja pattern. Not really having any luck finding a ninja pattern, I decided to make one up. Digging through the patterns I already have, I ran across the tiny bear pattern from Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli. If you remember in a past post I had made the tiny bear and he liked to play with alligator. That was before he went to live with my nephew. I decided that by leaving the ears off of the tiny bear pattern, I could make him into a fine ninja.

I followed the pattern for tiny bear and made this red ninja from that pattern, then I went back to the Creepy Cute Crochet book and made him a star and a belt like Yin and Yang’s. When the husband saw Tiny Bear (which I named him), he thought Tiny Bear was a fine ninja and would serve his army well, but still not quite what he had in mind. (I think it is because I made him in red or because of his big head.)

So, the search for the perfect ninja pattern continues.


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