Ninja #4: Still in training!

“Aren’t you a little fat for a ninja?” This ninja is very chubby but still a fierce warrior, Roja is the fourth ninja in the the husbands army.

I found the pattern for Roja at Saplant Originals on Etsy. I was so excited when I saw the pictures that I fell miserably at fully reading the description on the pattern info. I know that I read all the text before I bought the pattern, but I only remembered that parts I wanted to when I hit the purchase button. The first thing I missed was the title, “Roja, the BABY Ninja”. The important word here being baby! The next thing I missed was “Roja stands about 2 inches tall.” The last item I missed was that Roja was to be made with a size 1 hook and fingerling yarn. After purchasing the pattern and discovering my omissions, I asked the husband if his army needed a ninja in training and he said no. So, now what.

A little frustrated, I decided to try the pattern anyway, but with a few changes. I decided to use regular 4 ply yarn and a size F hook and see what I ended up with. I also went back to the color black to help make this ninja as authentic as possible. As I crocheted Roja’s parts, I was not pleased with the way he was turning out, big head, fat body, thin arms and legs, but I decided to keep going because of the special features this pattern offered. The first feature was the crocheted face. I was anxious to try it and see if I liked it better than the felt faces for the first 3 ninjas. The second feature was the crocheted sash, instead of felt. The last feature was the sword instead of a star for his weapon.

Upon completion of Roja, I learned several things. I like the felt face better than the crocheted face, and I did like his crocheted sash and the sword. Because he was only supposed to be 2 inches tall, the pattern did not call for his arms and legs or sword to be stuffed, so I did not, but with making him bigger, I wish I would had stuffed his arm and legs and especially his sword. I also wonder if I would like the crocheted face better if he was just 2 inches tall. When all was said and done, I thought Roja turned out pretty good and was a fine ninja.

Roja was definitely not what the husband had in mind for his army, but said he could join anyway.  He liked his sword. I study Roja’s pattern for a little while and thought about modifying it so he had a skinny body and fatter arms and legs, but I also have some other patterns lined up to try in the ninja making process, so I didn’t know if it is worth working on changes. I finally decided just to move on and come back to Roja’s pattern if nothing else turns out. But, if the husband decides he needs ninjas in training for his army, I have the pattern on hand.

So, on to the next pattern for the ninja army.


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