Almost Again

After completing the last sleeper from the larger pattern I had, I have been anxious to try the pattern again, but this time sew the sleeper together and  insert the zipper the way I do on the smaller size sleeper I make.  I reached into the stash and pulled out this striped fabric and called it a great piece of fabric to try making another sleeper with.

Sewing the sleeper together by using the steps from the smaller size sleeper pattern worked out fine. I did not do the zipper exactly as I do on the smaller size sleepers. Instead I did a mixture of the two patterns. The zipper went in a lot easier than when I followed the instructions from the larger size pattern but it was not as smooth as in the smaller size pattern, so the next time I am going to follow the smaller size pattern exactly. I am just worried about added bulk in the foot, but I am going to give it a try.

After completing the zipper, I got so excited about finishing the sleepers that I forgot to sew the elastic around the ankles before I sewed and serged on the bottom of the feet. Thank heavens for a free arm. I inserted the sleeper leg on to the free arm and stitched some elastic around the ankle. It was not easy to keep the elastic straight but I think it turned out fine.

This striped fabric just screamed for baseball Snoopy, so of course, that is what I embroidered on the sleeper. I was pleased with the end results.

Over the 4th of July, I was able to visit the niece and nephews. I took the sleepers with me, but it will be years before the nephew will be the right size for this sleeper. The larger size pattern is so long. I am afraid that he will actually outgrow the waist before he grows into the length and will never get to wear this sleeper. So, while we were visiting, we played a little game called “How big are you?” and I got some measurements to help me make better fitting sleepers. The niece, who is older, tried on her sleeper but she and I were not happy with the length either. She will not have to wait too long before she can wear hers though.

Now, having seen the sleepers on the kids and having some measurements, I am excited to try the pattern yet again with the proper measurements. It’s nice to have a size x pattern but as everyone knows kids come in all shapes and sizes and will seldom fit a pre-sized piece of clothing correctly. Most often you know that even though your child is 3 years old he or she often wears a 2 or 4-year-old sized shirt/pants/dress.


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