Climb aboard! It’s time for a trip on the airplane…

I needed a break from the army of ninja to crochet something cute and simple.

The pattern for this airplane came from the book Amigurumi Two by Ana Paula Rimoli. I really enjoy making her patterns. The pieces of the plane crocheted up very nicely. As always, the only difficulty was the sewing of the project’s pieces together. I am getting better at sewing the amigurumi’s together, but it is still a challenge for me.

I did make one mistake while making the airplane. I completed the airplane before attaching the windows. Although this did make it easier to line the windows up, it made it far more difficult to stitch the windows on. I did the running stitch as usual but had to work very hard to take as small of stitches as possible but still catch the yarn. Needless to say, the stitches are bigger than I would like and more uneven than I would like, but I believe it will in no way affect someone having a great time playing with this airplane.

I asked the husband which nephew I should send the airplane to, and his answer was, “You want to give away my airplane?”. So, I guess this airplane has a home. The pattern was so much fun to make that I have pulled out some red and yellow yarn to make some more, so maybe the nephews will get one as well.


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