All Day and All Night

I have been very busy this summer, just not sewing busy. The month of July has just slipped through my fingers. First the 4th of July week which involved a visit to the parents along with a small family reunion, followed later in the month with a trip to Disneyland for some summer fun and to see the new World of Color show at Disney’s California Adventure as well as a side trip to Knott’s Berry Farm to see the Snoopy Starlight Spectacular at Camp Snoopy. So, between working, the trips and just keeping up with the usual daily grind (house work, laundry and ironing), I have not even turned on my sewing machine the entire month of July. Not even to sew on a lost button from the 4th of July picnic back on its shirt. The trip to Disneyland also involved a trip to M&L fabric which added many yards of fabric to the stash. So I guess that counts as something sewing related.

But, I know I must get busy and get the wheels of my machine turning again. I need work pants, either hemming and altering some purchased pants or starting from scratch to make some new pants. I have a new niece on the way, and I found out that a friend is adding a new little boy to her family, so I need to get the sleeper pattern out again and get started. The husband is complaining that it is time for him a new shirt, and  one of my goals this year was to start the Christmas sweater that I wanted to make in July, so that it would hopefully be done by Christmas. Yes, I know,  I am a little behind on that goal, but I am proud that I have accomplished several of my other goals for the year already.

So, without further ado, I am off to the sewing room to re-acquaint myself with my sewing machine, and hopefully I will come out with new pants, shirts and sleepers, as well as some new tales to tell.


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