It’s In the Mail

I received a package in the mail the other day from my mom. The husband rolled his eyes and sighed as I revealed it’s contents. Mom had sent me a package full of fabric scraps. The husband exclaimed, “Don’t you already have enough fabric scraps that you don’t need Mom to send you more?” But Mom had a specific reason for sending me these scraps. The scraps are a white interlock knit with tiny black poka-dots. With some creative cutting, there is just enough scraps for a baby sleeper. Mom could see so many different designs embroidered on this fabric and just knew I would have fun picking a design and finding ribbing and a zipper to match.

I was very excited to receive the scraps as I too could see so many different designs embroidered on this fabric. As I cut the sleeper out, I had  to put a seam in the center of the back or I would not have had enough fabric. I have sewn the sleeper to the point that it is time to embroider a design on it. I started to look for a design, but I’m having a difficult time picking just one. It is definitely a little girl sleeper, and I have some very cute baby girl designs that I can stitch on it. I have several projects that are in the middle of being sewn up, and are now just waiting for an embroidery day for me to get some designs stitched on them. So I am hopeful that I can find the time soon to get them embroidered on and finished up and posted for everyone to see.

It has been a very busy summer for me this year. Much busier than I normally am and I just haven’t had very much time for sewing lately. Luckily I have been crocheting my amigurumi creatures in the few minutes of downtime I’ve had and while traveling or I probably wouldn’t have anything to post at all.

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