Indiana Jones and the Messenger Bag of DOOM!

Well okay, it’s probably not all that exciting, at least not the doom part anyway…

So my younger brother is a avid reader of books and he is always on the lookout for a good book bag or backpack so he can transport his current reading material from his trips safely. He is also of the age that rather than playing cowboys and indians as a kid he played Indiana Jones and the evil egyptian tomb robbers or something like that. So one day I found an Indiana Jones backpack at Disney for him and I picked it up and sent it to him.

He loved the backpack so much he ended up tearing a big gash in the backpack from overuse carrying books on his travels. It didn’t surprise me as it was a smaller, less expensive backpack mainly made to haul kids toys around or some duty much lighter than the one he intended his for. I told him I would look for something else the next time I was at Disney. The next time I went I headed straight for the Indiana Jones Outfitters to see what they might have available.

The only thing they really had was a small messenger bag that wasn’t even constructed as well as the backpack that I had gotten for him previously. I knew it would never hold up for what he was using it for, but I did like the design of it and so I started doing a little research on the matter.

From what I can tell from all the various movie trivia sights and talking to some prop masters I know I found out that the bag that Indy wore on his shoulder through most of the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and the Last Crusade movies was a military paratrooper bag with a slight modification. The original canvas belt was removed and was replaced with a black leather belt. Other than that it was pretty much a straightforward paratrooper bag made of heavy duty olive drab canvas.

I did some searching and found this nice one for a reasonable cost on Amazon and ordered a couple. When they came I opened one, packed all of my travel gear in it and headed out on a four day trip to see how well it worked and if it would hold up. I am very happy to say that it passed with flying colors, has a lot of interior room for a medium sized shoulder bag and the main thing is it seems to be constructed very well and is very tough. I think it will work well as a replacement bag for my younger brother as a new book bag for him. And I am loving mine on trips too.

Now the next matter at hand. The younger brother liked the looks of the small, poorly made one I had found at Disney and he really wanted something like that. So I decided to have my husband digitize me some Indiana Jones designs and once he had them done I would embroider them onto the exterior flap of the bag.

Upon closer inspection I have decided that I don’t want the back of the embroidery to be seen on the back of the exterior flap, and I don’t want to go to the time and trouble to rip the seams of the flap, and stitch it to the inside fabric and then stitch it back together. Instead I have decided to do like Disney had done with their bag and embroider the designs to patches and then attach the patches to the bag to further give it that old-timey retro look that is so in style these days. Once the husband gets the designs digitized I will get them stitched to patches and then attached to the bag and I will take picture and let you know how it went.

And if he is REALLY, REALLY nice to me, one of the pockets may even contain a Staff of RA headpiece when he gets it. You never know!

To be continued…

Part 2 of this story can be found HERE.


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