Treasures from M&L Fabric

As you might have previously read, I have made several trips to California this summer, and I have been fortunate enough to be able to stop at M&L Fabric several times and satisfy my urge to horde fabric.

I love to go to M&L Fabric, especially to dig through their $1 a yard bins. On these trips, I purchased 5 yards of gold knit to make the husband some shirts, 5 yards of yellow fleece to make whatever I can think of with, and several remnant pieces of denim, printed knits and sweater knits for making fun things for the nieces and nephews. These were all for $1 a yard. I also purchased many cuts of broadcloth in a variety of colors just to replenish the stash. 6 yards of cotton/rayon blend was purchased for shirts. But, the most exciting purchase for me was the suiting fabric to make 3 new pairs of desperately needed work pants. With the purchase of the pants fabric, I no longer need to spend a day digging through the boxes in the stash to find fabric to make pants. It is a little sad if I think about it. I have fabric to make me pants hiding in the closet, but I bought more instead of using what I had. It did not make me sad enough to stop me from buying the fabric though.

I also purchased several yards of elastic at a great price, some inexpensive scissors for $1 a pair that turned out to be quite nice scissors and more good thread at 5 spools for $1. I just could not pass these treasures up.

So, now with my coffer even more full than before, I am ready to get sewing again.



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