The Bumble Bee Express

Take a look at my second airplane. The first airplane turned out so cute, that I just had to try another one in another fun bright color. I did make some changes in both the design and construction of this one from the first airplane.

On this airplane, I wanted to rotate the propeller so that it was out of the way when the airplane is sitting. In doing so, I had to raise the eyes higher on the plane, so they were not hidden behind the propeller. By raising the eyes up, this airplane got a bigger smile than the last one. So, in comparing the two airplanes, the husband decided that the first plane with the lower eyes was a better look even if the propeller is a little in the way. He says the second plane’s propeller looks like a mustache. I think they are both cute either with the eyes raised or lowered.

In the construction of this second airplane, I stitched the windows on as I crocheted the body of the plane. This made the stitching on of the windows easier and I was able to make smaller stitches which I like the look of better. This would not have been easier if I had not had the first airplane to use as a pattern. I counted the rows on the first plane to find the placement of the windows on the second plane. Now, I needed to make a notation on the pattern on which row to place the windows.

I got out some green yarn to make the next airplane, but I have so many patterns that I want to make that I may push the airplane patterns to the side and move on to something else. Although now that I have made two airplanes, it would be easy to keep crocheting more airplanes while I have a rhythm going. So, stay tuned for more airplanes. Maybe.


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