Ninja #6 – Next in the Ranks

Jabar takes his place as the 6th ninja in the husband’s army. He stands ready with his bo staff to fight off any approaching enemies.

Jabar’s creation was inspired by the airplanes I crocheted. After completing the yellow airplane, I wondered if the pattern could be altered to create the next ninja. Before starting to tinker with the pattern, I checked out a couple of designs on the net to see if anyone had already done the foot work for me on altering the pattern. I found that Ana Paula Rimoli, the author of some of my favorite patterns, had the very pattern I wanted in her Etsy store. Of course, her designs are for making cute animals but with really no alterations to the monkey pattern, I had my next ninja pattern.

Jabar crocheted up quite easily. The pattern called for an I/9 hook to be used, but leery of the size of ninja that would give me, I crocheted Jabar with a G hook instead. I like the size he turned out, but I am excited to actually make the monkey with a size I hook. Jabar was easier to stitch together since I did not have to sew the head to the body.

I have ninja #7 all lined out and ready to start. Stay tuned for an upcoming surprise in the army of Ninja’s.


3 thoughts on “Ninja #6 – Next in the Ranks

  1. Kawaii! i tried to amigurumi-fy a ninja on holiday, but failed epically. so. WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME?! i ended up just winding a ball of wool and sewing a face on it…
    i love your ninja series, i want one (a ninja, i mean.) :3

  2. I was wondering if you sell your ninjas? I love the one with the staff and would love to buy one if you sell them.

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