Three More

I completed the sleeper from the scraps Mom sent me in the mail. When it came time to pick a design, I just did not like the softer colors, pinks and yellows,  of many of my baby embroidery designs on the black poka-dots. So, I choose a red Suzy Zoo design which of course meant a red zipper and red ribbing. At first I was afraid that the red would look too harsh for a baby girl, but now that the sleeper is done, I think it turned out really cute.

As always with making sleepers, it is just as easy to make two sleepers at once than just one sleeper at a time, but this time I made three sleepers at one time. This did not seem to save time like making two at once does, but they were still fun to make and turned out so cute. Some of these sleepers are already tagged as gifts but at least one sleeper is just to put away for the next time that I need a gift.

P.S. I also made a pair of work pants.


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